Flng A Gstr 3PCS Multi Pack Cat Toy


Let's taco 'bout it! PetShop by Fringe Studio's “Feeling Like a Guac-Star” 3 piece cat toy set is purrfect for the hungry kitty. This set features a wooden wand with dangling rope, a toy attached to the rope with a bell and ric rac trim, plus North American grown catnip and crazy crinkle paper in each toy. Great for pounce, bat, chase, and play, these toys are all about their avo-cat-o. Made for cats of all sizes. 3 toys for 3 times the fun

• Wooden wand with dangling rope

• Toy attached to rope with bell & ric rac trim

• North American grown catnip in each toy

• Crinkle paper in each toy • Wand: 17" h

• Rope: 22.5" h • Burrito: 5.5" h x 2" w

• Taco: 2.25" h x 5.75" w

• Chip: 2.75" h x 3.25" w